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Published: 14th April 2011
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It is usually a celebration whenever a classic car was discovered, but when it proves to be an uncommon car too, the news is brought to the attention of classic car collectors and enthusiasts that canít wait to consider phone a new potential bit of their in-progress collection.

One of these moments was the rediscover of the Bugatti with chassis number 57502, an uncommon French sports coupe which was manufactured by this company in 1937. The classic car found once more in a barn in Newcastle, England after 48 many years of being parked inside a garage is a component from the only 17 cars of this type that were ever built.

In 1937 the vehicle was bought by the 5th Earl Howe who after owning it for eight years sold it to another person. The car continued changing owners until 1955 when it had been sold to Harold Carr, the owner that saved in the garage for 48 years after driving it for some years. This classic car present in England after the death of Harold Carr was sold at an auction in 2009 through the Bonhams house of auction. Because of its rarity, original condition and low mileage, the vehicle was expected to be sold for approximately £6 million. But actually the carís cost was of £2,989,495.

2010 was another year when beautiful, rare classic cars were found. Iím referring to an uncommon Chrysler 300 found in Berkley, encompassed by cleaning equipment and covered inside a thick layer of dust. But you could not help noticing its intact red, white and blue "300-D" emblem that proved the car was an original, well-preserved 1959 300-E hardtop. In fact, two of these Chryslers where discovered there: a 1958 and a 1959 version.

These Chryslers are gorgeous cars produced by the organization between 1955 and 1965 and highly appreciated by car collectors all over the world. And thatís normal, due to the exceptional style, the luxurious interiors covered in leather. Their popular is also due to the low number of units produced. The vehicle found is one of the 22 hardtop cars produced by the maker with Bendix fuel injection. This fuel injection system proved to cause some problems and all the 22 cars manufactured were recalled and equipped with four-barrel carburetors and send to their owners. Nowadays, only a few of these cars persist and become the main automotive history. Moreover, the new owner chose to restore it to be able to show it the respect it deserves.

Incredible or otherwise, another classic car found recently is really a 1925 Bugatti Type 22 that was actually discovered at the bottom of a Swiss lake, full of rust. Despite its condition, the vehicle was sold for 260,500 Euros in Paris at the 2010 edition from the Retro Mobile classic car show. It wasnít the most valuable car sold during the Bonhams auction, nevertheless its history is impressive. The money visited a local charity.

This Bugattiís chassis number is 2461 and also the engine number is 879. It is a car built in 1925 and originally bought with a France customer that lived in Nance who afterwards sold it to a Parisian owner. Although only 20% from the original car is still in good shape, the carís price tag was still being high. The iron and the steel have suffered more damage, but the wood, the aluminum, the brass and also the rubber were better preserved and a restoring job, though difficult might save the day! Letís hope that another beauty will be saved!

Joel Dammann writes about Classic car found at his Car blog.

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